Project Reclass

Redefinition through Education


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The Georgia Department of Corrections oversees 34 state prisions, housing nearly 52,000 offenders.


Rutledge State Prison was established in 1976 as a medium security prison in Southwest Georgia. 


Veterans at Rutledge State Prison live in an Honors dorm where they have access to educational and media resources. 

Project RECLASS is a non-profit, 501c3 vocational program focused on teaching computer networking to incarcerated veterans.

RUTLEDGE Cohort 09-19

The first Cohort began in September 2019, with 21 Veteran Offenders from the Veterans Honor Dorm. These men come from every branch of the Military and the Coast Guard. 

Character Development

Every class begins with a reflection on one of the ten values, preparing our students for their next professional role.

Infrastructure & Protocols

Understanding the physical components and electronic protocols that make up different computer networks.


Students technical gain confidence through ungraded Quizzes, Collaborative Labs, and open discussions of relevant news.

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